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Emotional Intelligence Skills

Brock Hansen, LCSW

Treatment Philosophy and Services Offered


We now know more about the brain, the emotions, effective
communications and the intricate interpersonal relationships within the
family than we have ever known before.

I am committed to helping individuals and family members learn
techniques for managing painful emotions and communicating effectively
to solve the problems that bring them in for help.

My experience in working with families has taught me respect for
generational boundaries and differences in communication style that must
be recognized for effective problem solving.

My years of treating eating disorders have taught me about the
importance of good nutrition and exercise in dealing with depression, and
my experience with eating disorders, substance abuse, and dissociative
disorders has taught me about the importance of shame in the cycle of
abuse and compulsive behaviors as well as a variety of techniques for
dealing with shame-based disorders.

My experience and training in Hypnosis and NeuroLinguistic
Programming have taught me that patiently meeting and joining the client
is a vital prerequisite to introducing them to creative interventions, that
people are capable of learning amazing things, and that humor and fun
are effective aids to learning new skills.

I find that people are often more willing to learn new skills than to
accept a diagnosis of mental illness, so my focus, with individuals, groups,
and families, is on identifying valuable skills they already have, and
helping them to develop new ones.


A Clinical Social Work Practice Serving:

Individual Adults and Adolescents dealing with anxiety, depression,
eating disorders, compulsive behaviors, or impulse control problems;
Couples caught up in negative expectation habits and
ineffective, polarized communication;
Families bogged down in frustration over competing needs, stressful situations,
and self-defeating styles of communication;
Managers and Workgroups where emotional issues, communications problems,
or interpersonal work habits interfere with cooperation and productivity;

For cost effective approaches, I like to teach basic skills

in time limited telephone coaching groups

The Basic Skills Include:

Self Calming
Self Motivating
Controlled Dissociation / Detachment
Assertive Communication
Persistent Challenging of Pessimistic Beliefs (DeCatastrophizing)
Pragmatic Problem Solving Approaches
Resilience to Teasing and Bullying