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Emotional Intelligence Skills

Brock Hansen, LCSW

"Wherever you go,
there you are!"

There is one person over whom you have more power than anyone else in the world;

That person is yourself.

Any change you want to make
in the world or in someone else
must begin with a change you
make in yourself.

The more knowledge and skill
you exercise in managing your
decisions, your feelings, and your
actions, the more effective you will be.

Is there a change you want to make?

Do you know what you wan t to change?

Do you know where to begin?

Do you know what is getting in your way?

Do you know what you can do about it?

Would you like to know?

Join those who have learned how to find these answers and act on them, those who have mastered new habits of personal effectiveness, in their family life, their work life, and in their emotional life.

Take advantage of a complimentary coaching call to find out what is possible.